Improving Cashflow

May 31, 2024
Cash Flow Strategies Cash flow is often called ‘the lifeblood of a business’, and for several good reasons. But the flow of cash into most businesses is uneven and there can be times when a constrained cash flow creates serious problems, even if the long term situation i...
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Look Good to Lenders

November 30, 2023
Look Good To LendersBusinesses borrow money for a number of reasons. Additional capital may be needed to increase production capacity or to open a new retail outlet. It might be necessary to borrow to expand overseas or to upgrade the business’ IT facilities.Whatever the r...
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Many companies are carrying customer accounts that are still outstanding after 60 or even 90 days. Sometimes this is acceptable if that’s the arrangement they’ve made with the customer and planned for in their budgeting. But when an outstanding account gets beyond reason...
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Managing cash is one of the most important tasks for any business owner and even if it’s not as glamorous as sales and marketing it is the job that makes sure the bills keep getting paid on time.  The cash position of a business at any time is easy to determine i...
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