Do you need to raise capital for growth?

Many businesses need extra capital to grow.  Many businesses need to raise capital for equipment importing materials, extra stock, new team members and operational costs, or simply to raise funds for growth.    At Strategize we help with all aspects of capital raising.  

Sources of Capital

There are multiple sources of for business including:

  • Family and friends 
  • Banks
  • Bootstrapping from the company
  • Grants and tax credits
  • Third party investors
  • Private equity markets
  • Capital Markets 


What is needed for capital raising?

For capital raising you will need for following:

  • Capital Spend Plan - Where you plan to spend the new investment 
  • Strategic Plan outlining impact of the investment
  • Financial Forecasts including Profit and Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet  
  • Monthly Budget for at least 24 months
  • List of possible investors   
  • Executive summary for Investors  
  • Flyer to market to investors 

What can you do to improve your chances of raising capital

There are several ways to improve your chances of raising capital with all types of investors:

  • Proving your business concept work  
  • Quality trading history
  • Good financial management 
  • Good governance  
  • Adding quality team members at all levels  
  • Ensuring good credit 


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