Strategize offers a wide range of business improvement services to ensure Business Owners and their teams have a successful business. Our key services include an end to end Strategic planning process, Business Recovery and Turnaround services, Business Improvement services, Business Advisory Boards and Virtual General manager services.

Business Strategy Programmes

Our main service is a Business Strategy Programme which involves an end to end business evaluation of the key areas of a business including Strategy and Operational areas of a business.  

Our Strategy assessment includes evaluation of the Business Owners personal vision and goals; business vision and goals; sustainable competitive advantages and best business structure to support business growth. 

Our Operational business assessment includes evaluation of key components including: Research and Development, Product and Services; Marketing; Sales Human Resources; Finance; and Process and Systems.  

Virtual General Manager Service

Our virtual general manager service is a fraction of the cost of employing a full time general manager and our team has much more experience working across hundreds of businesses.

  • Managing and tracking of business performance
  • Developing budgets, objectives and financial reporting
  • Developing  company policies
  • Developing processes and systems
  • Assisting in recruiting and training team members
  • Conduct weekly and fortnightly team site visits.

Business Mentoring and Coaching

Our Business Mentoring service is one on one or team approach to support business owners and key team members to improve business performance.

  • Goal setting and tracking success
  • Assistance with conflict management
  • Sounding Board for formulation of plans and strategy 
  • Confidant for Personal and Board / Owner issues
  • Market intelligence gathering and interpretation
  • Support in market testing and re-targeting 
  • Strategy implementation support 

Business Advisory Board

Our Business Advisory Board service involving setting short and long strategic goals and tracking business performance to meet these business goals.

Our Business Strategy Partners work across a number of businesses and offer an outsiders view to ensure businesses select the right strategy and support strategy implementation.  

Our team act as a sounding board to ensure your business is on the right path and our Business Advisory Board service ensures structured approach to ensure business success.

Business Training and Support

We provide a range range of business training including:

  • Business Planning
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Sales Training 
  • Customer Services ad Delivery
  • Operational Management 
  • Management Training  
  • Leadership Training 
  • Time Management 

How to Raise Capital?

For capital raising you will need for following:

  • Capital Spend Plan - Where you plan to spend the new investment 
  • Strategic Plan outlining impact of the investment
  • Financial Forecasts including Profit and Loss, Cashflow and Balance Sheet  
  • Monthly Budget for at least 24 months
  • List of possible investors   
  • Executive summary for Investors  
  • Flyer to market to investors 

Preparing your Business for Sale

We provide a range of business training including:

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Sales Training 

  • Customer Services ad Delivery

  • Operational Management 

  • Management Training  

  • Leadership Training 

  • Time Management 

Using a Virtual Chief Information Officer

A chief information officer (CIO) is the company executive responsible for the management, implementation, and usability of information and computer technologies. 

Because technology is increasing and reshaping industries globally, the role of the CIO has increased in popularity and importance.


We have helped many businesses Franchise there business and our services include:

  • Franchise and Franchisee Business Planning

  • Franchise Marketing and Advertising

  • Providing Franchise Sales Support  

  • Developing Franchise Operating Systems and Processes  

  • Franchise Training and Coaching

  • Financial support for Franchise and Franchisee

Additional Professional Services

We also offer a range of other services including:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Joint ventures

  • Succession planning

  • Company structuring

  • Negotiation with suppliers or major customers

  • Negotiation with tax department

Free High Performance Business Health Check Valued at $395

We offer complimentary High Performance Business Health Check to Business Owners with our Strategizer Assessment Tool including latest Industry Benchmarking. This is a two hour session valued at $395 covering all areas of your business including Business Planning, Strategy, Structure, Culture, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Process and Systems.  On average we find 11% to over 29% of extra profit from profit leakage or growth opportunities!    

We also offer a free Benchmark valued at $150 for each industry type. 

Please contact us below to book your session. 

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