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Martz originally wanted to be a motor mechanic but couldn’t secure an apprenticeship on leaving school, so on his fathers advice he went to do a course in Business Studies. He emerged as a qualified Chartered Accountant although failed and still fails to adopt the stereotypical mould.

He’s owned several public practices and enjoyed up to 22 full time staff at any given time. The firms offered tax and compliance, business development and audit and risk assurance. Alongside this he has owned commercial businesses ranging from Structural steel engineering, Heating and Air Conditioning, Transport and even a labour hire company (220+ staff) specialised in the transport and tourism sector.

A stint in commerce saw him as Group Accountant for an 11 member group in the forestry, timber, manufacturing and construction industry and later in a different 11 member group in the manufacturing and furniture sector. Immense and valuable experience has left Martz with a penchant for systems as well as cost and management advice to businesses.

When he’s not offering one:one coaching and implementation advice you’ll find Martz speaking at conferences as a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator or professional Emcee. He brings his experience to share one:many and his stories are real, fresh and relevant for his audiences.

Outside of work Martz has two adult 30+ year old children (he quips he started very young), a dalmatian called Gin and a ragdoll cat called Tonic. The early desire to be a mechanic is not wasted as Martz spends time working on old cars, grazing his knuckles and keeping his swearing up to date. Giving of his time and expertise to charities and not-for-profits is an important part of Martz’s life plan too.

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