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Tina Hartung

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Tina has worked with the NZ education, tourism and SME sector for 20 years to develop and deliver powerful growth strategies and insightful business advisory. Tina’s network and experience spans from Europe to New Zealand and from running several companies to working in diverse industries. One of the innovative companies that Tina founded in the last 25 years, was the first women only motorcycle touring company worldwide. 

Tina has a strong background in Marketing, Communications and Sales. Her skills set include strategic business & marketing planning, market research and market entry strategies, export marketing, positioning, PR, copy writing, publishing, writing a book, film making, sales, strategic relationship building and maintenance, energy and carbon reduction, well-being and mindset. She is well known in the education industry for her collaborative approach and innovative concepts.

Being German, Tina loves working hard on inspiring others to achieve their aspirations. Her passionate and no-nonsense attitude makes it fun to walk the road to business success alongside her.

Tina also has a passion for environmental issues, social responsibility and purpose-fuelled performance. Not co-incidentally, this is also what many customers are looking for in a trusted brand these days. Tina would be delighted to assist your brand to prosper.

Tina has a particular interest and experience in the following industries: education, tourism, motor trade & services (preferably on 2 wheels), sustainable technology, energy and carbon reduction and the media (print/digital/film/photography).