Our team have all worked as senior managers and general managers. We offer a shared and virtual general manger service at only fraction of the cost of a general manager.

Our Virtual General Manager is a very effective and low-cost service to support Business Owners to work on the business and support business growth in marketing, sales, HR, operations, finance and administration.

Virtual General Manager Role

The role of our Virtual General Manager service is an advocate for the Business Owners and business stakeholders for the achievement of personal and business vision. 

Key Virtual General Manager roles include defining the right strategic direction and pathway of the business and ensuring the effective and efficient implementation of the strategic direction and business goals.  

Key areas of focus for the Virtual General Manager include strategic and operational planning and supporting the business owners and team, to complete marketing, sales, HR, admin, operations and financial management projects.

Virtual General Manager Benefits

The key benefits of a Virtual General Manager include:

  • Enable sharing of experience and knowledge across a number of businesses 
  • Business Owners and Team are able to focus on technical work and improve business output of the business 
  • Using our Virtual General Manager service will save thousands on a full time General Manager and actually enables adding more technicians to grow the business 
  •  A Virtual General Manager will ensure on most important things in a business, very few full time general managers are 100% effective or efficient


Our Virtual General Managers saves thousands

Our Virtual General Manager saves well over $100,000 to $150,0000 against having a full time general manager.  A full time General Manager also usually requires a recruitment fee of 15% of salary, a valuable vehicle, top of the electronic equipment, training, the best office and a healthy bonus.   

Our Virtual General Manager only involves a monthly investment without any associated costs.   Our Virtual General Manager supply their own vehicle, do not need an office, supply their own work equipment, do not need to be trained and do not need a bonus.   We also provide a proven set of software tools to manage the business.

Free High Performance Business Assessment Check Valued at $395

We offer complimentary High Performance Business Health Check to Business Owners with our Strategizer Assessment Tool including latest Industry Benchmarking. This is a two hour session covering all areas of your business including Business Planning, Strategy, Structure, Culture, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Process and Systems.  On average we find 11% to over 29% of extra profit from profit leakage or growth opportunities!    

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