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Grant has over 30 years’ experience spanning manufacturing, technology, and construction industries in NZ, UK, and PNG. Companies included multinationals and SME’s, with roles in finance, commercial, general management, and 20+ years business ownership.

Grant has also been a New Zealand Company Director for a nationwide franchise with annual turnover of $20M and over 100 staff and contractors. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA from Otago and the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

From these experiences I learnt the importance of developing people and supporting them with good systems and processes to grow sales, lift customer value, improve productivity, and increase profitability.

Grant has a natural interest and passion for business, helping people to grow their know-how to enrich their lives both in business and personally. Assisting business owners to take back control over their time and enhance their people skills to lead, manage and develop their team allows them to achieve more.

Guiding business owners through their numbers and explaining what they tell us about what is happening in the business helps us understand what is really happening in the business. Simplistically, doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t improves the financial results.

Often, business owners intuitively know the weaknesses in their business but are constrained by busyness and knowledge gaps – a combination which tends to lead to unsatisfactory results. The beauty of the Strategize approach is that it empowers the business owners we work with to tackle their challenges in a practical way.

With origins in the South and based in Queenstown, Grant takes pleasure in being part of the Strategize team and focuses predominantly on businesses in Central Otago, Southland, and Dunedin.

If you are ready to take the next step to lift your business game, I look forward to working with you.

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