Our team of Strategy Implementation Partners all have 15+ years experience running or running their own businesses and managing businesses to the highest level.

Our Team

Our Business Strategy Partners have all held senior management positions including Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, General Managers, Marketing and Sales Managers, Operations Managers or other senior management and leadership roles.  Many of our Business Strategy Partners have also run and managed their own businesses. 

Our team has completed hundreds of business plans and business improvement projects across NZ and internationally.   We have a wide variety of skills including Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Product and Services, Business Planning,  Strategy and Structure and developing team culture.  

Chris McBreen - Firm Partner and Strategy Implementation Partner

Chris has had three careers as Chartered Accountant, Business Improvement Project Manager and since 2004 has personally coached and advised with over 750 businesses across NZ.   Chris has worked with a variety across many industries.   

David Fleming - Strategy Implementation Partner

David has been a Christchurch based business leader for over 30 years. Recently David has been working within local leadership roles in the Health and Safety sector which has added to his strong Manufacturing, Distribution and Operational portfolios. 

Greg Irvine - Strategy Implementation Partner

Greg is an experienced General Manager & Business Owner with over 20 years’ experience working in multiple industry sectors with a proven track record of improving business functions and increasing profits.

Greg has spent the majority of his career being a business owner of SMEs where he has worked hard to gain the experience, skills, knowledge and business acumen required of running well performing businesses.  He has experience building companies taking one business from 3 branches and 20 staff to 7 branches with over 50 staff. 

Jean Barr - Strategy Implementation Partner

I have 38 years of sales, management, customer service, coaching, mentoring and leadership experience, in 6 top companies on 3 continents. My experience covers a number of industries, eg; Car Hire, Freight, Health Care, Hygiene, Advertising (web and book), Insurance, Pest Control, Print, Packaging, Tractor Sales, Website Contact Center, Real Estate, Security and Alarm Sales, Recruitment Sales, Travel and Tourism Sales, Agriculture and Telesales to name a few. 

Laila Aldridge - Strategy Implementation Partner

Laila is an experienced international business development and marketing professional with experience working in key markets in Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and the USA. Laila has worked with a range of New Zealand companies in the primary industry sector, food, beverage, tourism, IT, and retail. Commercially astute and result orientated, Laila always seeking to establish clear objectives and deliver agreed outcomes.   

Martz Witty - Strategy Implementation Partner

Martz originally wanted to be a motor mechanic but couldn’t secure an apprenticeship on leaving school, so on his fathers advice he went to do a course in Business Studies. He emerged as a qualified Chartered Accountant although failed and still fails to adopt the stereotypical mould.

He’s owned several public practices and enjoyed up to 22 full time staff at any given time. The firms offered tax and compliance, business development and audit and risk assurance. Alongside this he has owned commercial businesses ranging from Structural steel engineering, Heating and Air Conditioning, Transport and even a labour hire company (220+ staff) specialised in the transport and tourism sector.

Robina Dobbie - Strategy Implementation Partner

My goal is to help business owners continuously improve their business by utilising analysis and planning to create an efficient operation for optimal performance and maximum profits, with minimal waste.

I am a self-motivated person and believe in value aligned goals. Achieving results is important to me. I am naturally a calm person with a happy disposition and a passion for business.

Paul OKeefe - Strategy Implementation Partner

Paul has been involved in manufacturing here in Christchurch for over 40 years.  Paul started as an Apprentice and worked his way up from the shop floor, the last 35 years have seen Paul involved at management level in numerous industries. Production Manager with an Injection Moulding company, Factory Manager Plastics Fabrication, CNC Machine Shop Manager, Shift Manager Export Marine Company and his last role in Sales and Warehousing as a Branch Manager.

Roger Cowell - Strategy Implementation Partner

Roger has experience in Business Finance, China Manufacturing and Procurement, developing and executing Retail Strategy for China outsourcing, and sales account management.

Simon McDermott - Strategy Implementation Partner

Simon is a business expert – built on extensive experience of working for one of New Zealand’s largest NZX listed companies, a large successful family business and consultancy to numerous SME businesses throughout the South Island.

Simon brings extensive governance experience to the team having been involved in local body politics for over 25 years, numerous trading enterprises and companies associated with service provision. 

Tina Hartung - Strategy Implementation Partner

Tina has worked with the NZ Education, Tourism and SME sector for 20 years to develop and deliver powerful growth strategies and insightful business advisory. Tina’s network and experience spans from Europe to New Zealand and from running several companies to working in diverse industries. One of the innovative companies that Tina founded in the last 25 years, was the first women only motorcycle touring company worldwide. 

Tina has a strong background in Marketing, Communications and Sales. Her skills set include strategic business & marketing planning, market research and market entry strategies, export marketing, positioning, PR, copy writing, publishing, writing a book, film making, sales, strategic relationship building and maintenance, energy and carbon reduction, well-being and mindset. She is well known in the education industry for her collaborative approach and innovative concepts. 

Andrew Hunter - Business Development Manager

Andrew has a strong background in Communications, Marketing, Sales, and Technology industries. Andrew has a strong knowledge in all types of technology.  

Andrew has worked a variety of roles including Retail Management for a large paint company.  He has successfully worked in the large call centres taking on a variety of roles.  He has specialised marketing and sales. 

Andrew completed a Diploma in Management, a Bachelor of Sociology and Education, and a Diploma in Teaching.

Join Our Team. Make a Difference.

Are you looking for a new challenge that will utilise your business skills and experience to create great results for business owners and their teams?  

Are you interested in growing, expanding your knowledge and increasing your influence.   We are looking for CEO, General Managers, CFO and Operational Managers,  with at least 15 years business experience.  

You'll learn a great deal about business visions, winning strategy, structure, culture, marketing, sales, business process and systems, financials and business strategy implementation.  But most of all you've got to want to have passion about wanting to help business owners and their teams ...