Top four kinds of Marketing Advertising

Most of us tend to use the same kind of ad over and over again. If your ad is pulling in sales, stay with it. But if results aren’t quite what you’re looking for, try switching to one of these top four types of ads.

Your ad can simply work to build your company’s image. Most of the banner ads big corporations have on the Internet are designed to do nothing more than familiarise people with the company name. A big chunk of the ads on TV do the same thing. And that’s not bad. Most customers buy from a company they have heard of.

Your ad can work to build awareness for a particular product or service you offer. An ad promoting awareness for a product can work especially well if you place the ad in an industry or special interest publication that has readers who would consider your product a big deal.

Have your ad pull in interested prospects. Instead of having the ad do the selling, simply get many leads. Sell to these leads using other methods like phone calls, personal visits, a sales letter or e-mail. Offer a free consultation, sample or report.

Finally, your ad can make the sale all by itself. Be sure to include the price and directions on how to buy. Make sure your ad asks for the sale. “Get it now!” gives a lot of prospects the permission they seem to need to make a purchase.