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Luke Piper - Firm Partner and Business Strategist

Always thriving for more, Luke is constantly on the lookout for his next test or intricate business opportunity that will challenge him. His passion for seeing others succeed combined with his successful track record in a variety of roles led him to choose business consulting as his path.

It goes without saying that Luke has a great understanding of SME fiscal management complimented by his overall business acumen. Luke’s  strongest attribute is his ability to “think outside the box”.  His overall business planning and strategic thinking skills demonstrate his ability to think about innovative ways to solve problems, while being relevant and accurate to a specific situation or business.

Luke’s knowledge comes not only from the executive management positions he has successfully occupied in his career, but from his all-inclusive grassroots experience. From a young age, Luke has excelled in what he has wished to achieve, having a successful professional sports career, holding a double degree in education and sport science and going on to manage several multi-million dollar businesses. Luke’s intrinsic knowledge of business allows him to understand and evaluate all the elements of a business from the ground up, therefore can apply his skills on a holistic level for his clients.

During his spare time, Luke enjoys playing golf, surfing, snowboarding, keeping fit with regular exercise, and is a dedicated father to his 7-year-old son.

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