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John has over 30 years’ of experience in a wide range of businesses and industry categories, specializing in advising clients on customer acquisition, retention, and brand building.

The finest years of his career (so far) were spent at  Saatchi & Saatchi, which is arguably the world’s best advertising agency,  where he held a senior leadership role as a Creative Director. 

Having worked closely with many successful companies, and in his own ventures, John has developed a clear sense of what makes a good business and what it takes to thrive and grow – especially in challenging times and in intensely competitive markets.  

 John's diverse career has also included a number of other interesting business projects. He developed a holographic anti-counterfeit packaging system for exporters and managed its worldwide launch, led international marketing teams at the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, established a retail business in the automotive sector, and worked as a consultant on high-performance team planning and recruitment. 

 Now it gives John immense satisfaction and pleasure to be able to work as part of the Strategize team to help local business owners achieve their ambitions. 

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We offer complimentary High Performance Business Health Check to Business Owners with our Strategizer Assessment Tool including latest Industry Benchmarking. This is a two hour session covering all areas of your business including Business Planning, Strategy, Structure, Culture, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, Process and Systems.  On average we find 11% to over 29% of extra profit from profit leakage or growth opportunities!    

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