Introducing Greg Irvine Strategy Implementation Partner

Greg Irvine - Strategy Implementation Partner

Greg Irvine

Phone 027 209 2728

Greg is an experienced General Manager & Business Owner with over 20 years’ experience working in multiple industry sectors with a proven track record of improving business functions and increasing profits.

He began his career in Banking working for both TrustBank & Westpac where he learned finance ranging from mortgages and loans, cash management, bank accounts, foreign exchange and insurance. He moved to London to further help clients with their financial goals and to further his career as well as enjoying the travel aspect.

Not wanting to return home yet, Greg moved to Canada and the US, where he outsourced his skills and became a contractor again working in the Finance field but also broadening his skills into other areas.

After returning to New Zealand, he has spent the majority of his career being a business owner of SMEs where he has worked hard to gain the experience, skills, knowledge and business acumen required of running well performing businesses.  He has experience building companies taking one business from 3 branches and 20 staff to 7 branches with over 50 staff. I have learned from my mistakes along the way to have extensive experience in sales and marketing, account and relationship management, mentoring and leading high performing staff and teams, systems and processes and finance.

The most rewarding part of this role is to apply the knowledge learned to help others to reach their own personal and business visions and goals.

He completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Management degree and has also continued to pursue further business training in order to upskill and diversify into other business opportunities.    

Family is an important part of life for Greg. He is married and has four children and a dog.

Greg is interested in all sports.  Having played basketball, rugby and cricket at Rep level, he now is a very social footballer.

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